This library is used for a few apps in production, but it is still early in development. Like the idea of it? Please star us on GitHub and contribute via the issues board and roadmap.

Django GCP

django-gcp is a library of tools to help you deploy and use django on Google Cloud Platform. Helpers are provided for:


The ultimate goals are to:

  • Allow serverless django (for actual fully-fledged apps, not toybox tutorials).

  • Enable event-based integration between django and various GCP services.

  • Simplify the use of GCP resources in django including Storage, Logging, Erorr Reporting, Run, PubSub, Tasks and Scheduler.


For example, if we have both a Store and a PubSub subscription to events on that store, we can do smart things in django when files or their metadata change.


To run a “reasonably comprehensive” django server on GCP, we have been using 4-5 libraries. Each covers a little bit of functionality, and we put in a lot of time to:

engage maintainers -> fork -> patch -> PR -> wait -> wait more -> release (maybe) -> update dependencies

Lots of the maintainers of those libraries have given up or are snowed under, which we have a lot of compassion for. Some, like django-storages, are (admirably) maintaining a uniform API across many compute providers, whereas we don’t change providers often enough to need that, so would rather have the flexibility to do platform-specific things.

We’ll be using GCP for the foreseeable future, so can accept a platform-specific API in order to use latest GCP features and best practices.


This project is heavily based on a couple of really great libraries, particularly django-storages and django-cloud-tasks. See our attributions page.

Thank you so much to the (many) authors of these libraries :)

Also, this library boilerplate is from the django-rabid-armadillo project…

Unhappy armadillo