Getting Started


A complete example of a working server with django-gcp is provided in the tests folder of the source code.

Install the library

django-gcp is available on pypi, so installation into your python virtual environment is dead simple:

poetry add django-gcp

Not using poetry? It’s highly opinionated, but it’s your friend. Google it.

Install the django app

Next, you’ll need to install this as an app in your django settings:

    # ...
    # ...

Add the endpoints


If you’re only using storage, and not events or tasks, you can skip this step.

Include the django-gcp URLS in your your_app/

from django.urls import include, re_path
from django_gcp import urls as django_gcp_urls

urlpatterns = [
   # ...other routes
   # Use whatever regex you want:
   re_path(r"^django-gcp/", include(django_gcp_urls))

Using python show_urls you can now see the endpoints for both events and tasks appear in your app.